My first soap challenge

Well technically this isn’t my first soap challenge.  I actually registered for the Clyde Slide competition in September 2015.  I even made the soap.  But in the end I didn’t think it was quite good enough to enter, so chickened out.  This time I was determined to upload my pictures regardless.    So, with a little help from my son and the lovely Amy Warden, organiser of the Soap Challenge Club, I got over my fears of the technical stuff and entered for real.  Soon after uploading my pics I received some lovely comments from other soap makers. You have no idea how chuffed I was. Don’t care now whether I get any votes, I’m just so glad I took part.

So here it is, my entry for the January Soap Challege Club competition using the circling Taiwan swirl techniques.

Lavender Lotus soap

This this one was definitely a challenge …

First batch seized the moment I added my fragrance oil.  I’d used allergen free Cherry Blossom fragrance from The Soap Kitchen.  It’s a really beautiful fragrance, a soft floral but not overly sweet, and I look forward to using it in it other projects … just not soap!  I also realised too late that I hadn’t used nearly enough of my pigments but it was too late to add any more.  It was a case of get the dividers out of the mold pronto and dump the soap in.  Here’s what I ended up with …

First attempt at a circling Taiwan swirl – not really the look I was after 😉

Not too pretty but smells gorgeous.  Perhaps one for just at home.

After this drama, I reformulated what I thought would be a nice slow mover and a trusted fragrance (lavender and basil natural oils blend also from The Soap Kitchen).  It was a slow mover alright!  In fact so slow that more than a week after making it it is still too soft to cut properly.  I only just managed to cut a section from the end in order to get a photo in time for the competition deadline.  Definitely looking at a long cure time for this one!  Note to self – use sodium lactate next time.

Anyway, the entry is in and I’m pleased to have learned new skills along the way – a new soaping technique and how to upload a Pinterest board.

Let the adventure continue!

PS  Not sure I’ll use this again as it really is very slow to trace, but for those of you interested the formula I used was:  30% coconut oil; 23% sunflower oil; 20% castor oil; 15% sweet almond oil; 12% rapeseed.  I worked out my lye using SoapCalc with 5% super fat.  Soaped at 93  ºF. I added powdered goats milk and a pinch of Tussah silk, and coloured with pink ultramarine, violet ultramarine, and titanium dioxide.


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