When all else fails …. read the instructions!

Oops! I definitely should have read the instructions for this month’s Soap Challenge.  If I had I would have realised that the Pipe Divider Swirl had to be made in a slab mould, not a log mould.  As a result I was disqualified! Amy from Great Cakes Soap Works, who organises the challenges, was terribly nice about it and kindly gave me the heads up that a slab mould might be a good investment, especially as I am going to need one for the next challenge.

So, I headed to The Moulds Shop and ordered myself one of their Tara 12 cavity wooden slab moulds.  It arrived this morning and I am soooooo excited!  (Fellow soap makers will understand my excitement … non-soapers will think I need to get out more).  Here it is in all it’s glory:

I have to say I’m very impressed with the quality of their moulds and at £39.99 I think it’s reasonably priced.  It comes with plastic base and side inserts as well as the dividers.  You could probably get away without lining it but I would be concerned that there might be some seepage.  Then inspiration struck – cat litter tray liners!  (Maybe I do need to get out more?!)  I have a couple of packets of them taking up space in the cupboard since our adoptee, Freyja, decided it was fun to rip them to shreds whenever I used them.  However, turns out they are great for slipping over the mould before popping the plastic liner in place.  The bonus is that the whole mould is protected from splashes (my log mould [also from the Moulds Shop] is looking very ‘lived-in’ since my attempt at creating a pencil line with black iron oxide powder).

So my mould is all prepped and ready to go:

Bring on next month’s challenge … and I promise to read the instructions this time 😉


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