So excited!!

Fantastic news!  I’ve just found out that my ‘Garden of Enchantment’ soap has won the Sponsor’s Choice prize in this month’s Soap Challenge Club.  I’m absoluted thrilled!

My soap was selected by Erica Pence of Bath Alchemy Lab who sponsored the newbie category.  She very kindly said of my soap, “It is with great difficulty that I am choosing Garden of Enchantment for the Sponsor’s Choice. While I struggled to choose, I decided on this soap because it featured a variety of flowers and leaves using different tips. I am aware of the challenges that one faces to juggle colors, tips, and time limits of soapmaking and felt that this soap displayed excellent skill.”  I’m not surprised Erica found it a difficult choice, as there were some amazing entries; I think us newbies gave the experienced soapers a run for their money!

For my prize I have received a $25 voucher to spend at Bath Alchemy Lab.  I already have my eye on their Scenting in Soapmaking E-book.  I have recently enrolled on an online course for creating fragrances for use in cosmetic products (more about this later) and this should tie in nicely.

Next month the challenge is wood grain soap.  Can’t wait!


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