Farewell 2016

Well that’s 2016 nearly over.  It’s been a difficult year for our family on a personal level, (sadly too many bereavements) but creating soap has provided small distractions along the way.

The monthly soap challenges have been a particularly fun distraction.   There have been highs and lows.  My personal high point was creating my Enchanted Garden soap for the piped soap challenge, and winning the sponsor’s prize for my efforts.  The low(er) points have been the various soaps I made but which failed to turn out quite the way I had hoped.  My wood grain soap accelerated badly and was shoved rather than poured into the mould.  Funnily enough, two people (completed unrelated) told me it looked just like slate.  Maybe stone effect soap could be a future challenge?  With my luck I’ll end up creating soap that looks like wood 🙂

My recent attempt at tiger stripes was similarly unsuccessful, although it did turn out a pretty shade once all the colours were tipped out of the squeeze bottles and mixed together.

Never mind, I’ve had lots of fun trying out the various techniques and being inspired by the beautiful entries others submitted.   I have also ended up with lots of nicely fragrant and skin loving (if not so attractive) bars of soap.  To clear way for next year’s challenges, I recently gave most of it away at my school and at a recent Rotary Club evening.  People were generally surprised and intrigued that you could make soap at home, and loved the fact that it was completely natural and made with mainly organic ingredients.  I don’t sell my soap, but as many people wanted to give me some money for it, we set up a donations box.  It was nice to feel that, a) people liked what I had made, and b) that it could help others.

I hope that however you are spending Christmas and New Year that you have a wonderful time.  And here’s to a 2017 free of accelerating fragrances, morphing colours and soda ash!


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