January Soap Challenge

Me (left) and Amanda (right).  We realised we hadn’t taken a picture of us together so took this quick selfie once we’d finished to prove we were both there 🙂

I was really excited about this month’s Soap Club Challenge, as the theme was collaboration which meant you had to soap with someone who had never made soap before.  I knew that I wanted to soap with my closest friend Amanda, who has been there for me during some pretty difficult times lately, and is also a fan of my soap!  Despite the fact that Christmas and New Year are out of the way January has been quiet a busy month so far, so we finally got together on Thursday evening.  The deadline for submissions is today but thankfully the soap was ready to cut (talk about leaving it to the last minute!).

One of Amanda’s favourite soaps is my Calendula & Orange, so we decided to work with that basic recipe:  15% castor oil; 25% coconut oil; 40% sunflower oil infused with calendula petals; 20% rapeseed oil.  For colour we use a selection of micas:  Blueberry Blast; Blue Ice; and Dark Cerise, with some titanium dioxide in main section.  Other additives included milk and silk, of course, and also colloidal oatmeal for its skin soothing properties.   Instead of orange oil we fragranced with Enchantment fragrance oil from Gracefruit Ltd.  It’s a lovely soft floral which suited the colour scheme, and is also very well behaved in CP soap.

20170119_205615Amanda was a natural (helps that she’s a superb baker and knows her way around a set of scales!).  She did virtually the whole thing herself, although I did help mix up a couple of the colours simply cause I was itching to get my hands on some soap batter!  We loved the way the colours turned out, really vibrant with no morphing at all.

As you can see we only made a half batch.  Not that I didn’t trust Amanda to make a great batch of soap … I had almost run out of sodium hydroxide and forgotten to order more.  Ooops!  Guess what I’ll be doing today?

Amanda ran a hanger through it do add a little bit of a swirl, then drizzle some mica in oil on the top and gave it a final swirl before  wrapping it up to help it gel.

As you can see below the colours have stayed really vibrant.  I had been worried that because we were working at relatively low temperatures that it might not gel at all or we would get a partial gel, but it seems to be ok.  The hanger swirls didn’t feature very much but I think that is because it is a really thin, dry clearner’s hanger.  Think I will get some tubing to encase it in for future attempts.

It could probably have done with a little more curing time, and is still quite soft so you can see some slight drag marks where it has been cut, but not too worry.  Smells fantastic and I think it will be lovely to use once fully cured.


Not sure we have a prize winning soap here, but we had a really fun evening soaping together and that’s what counts.

PS  And no soda ash! … yet 😉


8 thoughts on “January Soap Challenge

  1. This is wonderful, Carol!! I’m so happy you’ve made this memory together! The soap turned out beautifully as well – the colors are stunning and no ash? Tell me your trick, please!!


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