Who thought this was a good idea!?

Okay so this is going to be one of the quickest posts ever.  The deadline for this month’s soap challenge is ticking away and my soaps have barely set!!

I didn’t think this challenge would be so difficult – talk about deluded.  In fact this is the state of my kitchen at the moment … I’ve just walked away and left it so I could get this post up before I ran out of time.


And it all started out so well.  The jelly soap base didn’t melt down as well as I had expected and was full of tiny bubbles despite me being really careful not to over-stir.  However, once it was poured into the moulds and began to cool it cleared up nicely.


So good so far.   The set soaps sat in the kitchen for a good couple of weeks (things were just too hectic to return to the project) so it wasn’t until this afternoon that I finally got round to doing the injecting.

It had all seemed so easy in the demo, and I had bought the special gelatin are tools aswell – so what could go wrong?  As it turned out just about everything!  I used the formula recommended in the tutorial and had this idea about doing pale pink peonies with petals tipped in pink. I though I could fill the syringe with the paler colour then dip the tip of the tool into a stronger pink just before injecting.  Didn’t quite work out that way.

My batter seemed thin enough, but it wouldn’t flow into the ‘cut’ made by the injecting tool; just seemed to back up on the surface.  I tried thinning the batter with more water, which did help, but the petals looked so pale.  After ramping up the mica colourant, and a little wiggling of the tool in the jelly, I managed to produce something reasonably flower like, although a bit more carnation than peony :-).

By this point the clock was ticking, so no time for faffing about with fragrance.  It was on to the melt and pour bases.  Panic was setting in so I was getting sloppy and let it boil over in the microwave :o)  I would have liked the base to be black, but didn’t have any suitable colourant, so went with gold instead.  The slightly lighter one is gold mica with gold glitter, and the darker two are again gold mica but I added black glitter.

Anyway here are the ones which turned out best …


My preference is for the bright pink one, but in the interests of full disclosure it was created with just mica as by that time I’d messed about so much my soap has started to set up and I couldn’t inject it anymore.  The bottom pick is the one I’m going to enter as it was actually made with CP soap.

Will I try this technique again?  Probably not, although it is does look really cool when it works.  However, I might try it with actually edible jelly.  How impressed would dinner party guests be with that dessert!

Anyway better upload my entry then tackle the tidying up … and thoroughly clean those gelatin art tools 😉


10 thoughts on “Who thought this was a good idea!?

  1. Just mica?!?! I could have saved myself about 7 rolls of paper towels, at least 40 ruined “practice” pieces, and endless bursts of creative vocabulary that would make a sailor blush!!! I can’t wait to go pour 20 more cups just to try it!! Your creations are just amazing and incredibly beautiful! And my workspace…well, let’s just say it looks like at least two bombs went off. Great job on your entry!


    1. You’re so right. I hardly ever use paper towels when soaping. And old towel on hand is more than sufficient. But this challenge! My bin was full of soapy paper towels!! Ha ha! Using some mica mixed with a little water was way easier and much more satisfying 😉

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  2. I think I only used 3 rolls of paper towels If you don’t count what was used to clean the floor. lol 😉 How did you use just the mica?
    How did you use ‘just mica’? That intrigues me. You should keep trying this technique, I think you did a great job. And I love your choice of the gold background.


  3. Love your entry! At a first, distant glance I thought it looked kind of tye dye looking 🙂 And the pink one with just mica is absolutely beautiful! Did you dilute the mica with liquid first? It was tricky to use the cold process without it solidifying, for sure 🙂


    1. Thank you Taralyn. You’re right, it does look very much like tie dye (wish I could say it was intentional, but by that point I had so much soap batter sitting on the surface I couldn’t tell what was happening in the actual soap!). Definitely a tricky challenge!


  4. You did a wonderful job ! I can tell you my soap atelier was much messier than yours :-))) This has got to be the messiest technique ever!! Really pretty colours and I love the heart shape!


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