Recommended by me …

There are so many different suppliers out there that it can be hard to decide who to shop with.  Below are some of the ones that I go back to time and again.

The Soap Kitchen –  This is the supplier I use the most as they almost always have what I’m looking for and at the best price, plus there have frequent promotions and discounts.  Their customer service is excellent – they even phoned me once to check that I hadn’t made a mistake when the number of lids I had ordered didn’t match the number of jars!  Most items, but not all, have MSDS provided and they are very helpful and prompt at answering technical questions by phone or email.

Gracefruit – I really like this company.  Whoever runs it is clearly understands CP soap making and there is helpful information about acceleration and discolouration for all of their fragrance oils.  They have a fantastic range of ingredients for all types of cosmetic products, and MSDS and technical information is provided for all products.  They are also based in Scotland, not so far from me – shame they don’t have a retail shop!  However, they do tend to be a little more expensive than The Soap Kitchen, so I tend to only use them for ingredients The Soap Kitchen don’t stock.

The Moulds Shop – I like good, traditional wooden soap moulds and both my log and slab moulds have come from The Moulds Shop.  They’re really well built and easy to un-mould soap from.  They don’t have a particularly fancy website, or a wide range of products, but after much internet searching they seemed to have the best prices.  Yes, you could probably make a wooden mould cheaper yourself … but, hey, life’s too short!

Do you have a favourite supplier?  I’d love to hear about them – please leave a comment below.





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